Dustin Poché

Dustin Poché
Dustin Poché Dustin Poché

Dustin Poché is a Midwestern multimedia artist who creates original sculptures and one of a kind fine art figures. He was formally educated at the Colorado Institute of Art. He draws inspiration from his love of period fashion and his work experience in New York, where his career involved costume design, textiles and illustration within the fashion industry.

His ideas come from many sources; personal experiences, emotions, and unique findings. Poche’ comments, “My pieces are very personal and I must be invested in the concept… The idea begins as an unclear image in my head which is brought into focus as the figure evolves. My work is currently done in paper clay but I’m always trying different mediums to create new effects.”

Poche’ likes to work with antique and vintage materials to create the clothing. He feels the use of these unique materials adds to the authenticity of the figure and he enjoys working with natural fibers.

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