Eelus Eelus

It all started when I was a kid. I’d draw these crappy posters of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and sell them at school so I could buy chocolate. I’ve been open for business ever since. By 2007 I’d sold enough posters to try and turn my lifelong hobby into a full-time profession. I’ve never been a great decision maker, but that one, that was a smasher.

A lot of great things have happened since then. I’ve made my passport a little more interesting, and drank with people I used to read about. I’ve made work for people I’ve seen in movies and who’ve made music I’ve danced to. I’ve painted walls that have made people stop and smile and I’ve exhibited alongside people who’ve inspired me.

I live in Brighton these days and spend most of my time cutting paper, painting canvas and making posters. When I’m not doing these things you’ll probably find me walking my dog, reading horror, watching sci-fi or searching YouTube for Bigfoot sightings.
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