Erlend Mørk

Erlend Mørk
Erlend Mørk Erlend Mørk

My inspiration comes from an obsession with philosophy and looking behind and beyond everyday life as it appears to us, i.e. the usual existential questions. My works are symbolic representations of my views and reflections about these. The creatures in my works are as such mad, lost or isolated, in search of some absolute among the relative, trying to know an objective truth, or just become complete nihilists.

To create my photographs I interweave dozens of different exposures which in the end becomes one surreal image. The scenes are easily recognizable but the dreamy metaphysics allows me to illustrate psychological or spiritual issues. In this I am self taught since the academies don't teach anything but how to get away with arbitrary trash, march to the drum and beg for stipends.
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I Will Pray
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