Fear Overload

Fear Overload

Fear Overload, the SF Bay Area Scream Park, presents the two most outrageous, horrifying haunted houses in all of California. Named one of the top haunted houses!

If you're visiting Fear Overload Scream Park this October, you had better fasten your seat belt. Fear Overload brings you the two most outrageous, horrifying, heart-throbbing haunted houses in California, totaling 20,000 square feet of labyrinth. We specialize in the ri-di-cu-lous.

Warning: These are high shock haunted attractions with horrifying scenes. If you're under 15 years old, pregnant, or faint at heart, then don't even bother showing up.

Tickets: $20 Get Tickets
Bayfair Center / San Leandro, California View Map

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