Flesh and Color

Flesh and Color
Flesh and Color Flesh and Color

Body painting is one of the oldest art forms. I embrace this medium because it intrigues me. Body art is sensually unique by nature. The canvas has no limits because the canvas has an imagination as well and often we both come together on a single work. The human form is full of life and energy. I never carry on a conversation with a fabric canvas. I never feel the vibrations of a heartbeat through my brush on muslin. Painting someone is a journey for the artist and the person they paint and bonds are formed. I love bodypainting, I interact, and it is often not just an effort to create art, it is therapy for both the artist and the canvas. Are you ready?

"Why do you paint people?"

Because I have never felt the heartbeat of a fabric canvas through my brush, I have never laughed with a fabric canvas until my sides hurt, muslin has never teared up over what I turned it into and it has never turned into one of my closest friends, that's why.

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