Gretchen Braun

Gretchen Braun
Gretchen Braun Gretchen Braun

My name is Gretchen (Braun) Cobaugh, and I am currently working as a Illustrator/Designer at Bates Creative in Washington D.C.

I come from the country side of Pennsylvania and moved to our nation’s capitol with my (new) husband. (Hence the double last name!) I graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Design. I like to dabble in a variety of things; drawing, painting, design, scrapbooking, touring a good historic location, reciting movie lines, and hanging out with my cat, Binx (when he is not protecting the black flame candle). I focus on illustration, magazine design, hand lettering, and branding. Everyday I feel so lucky to call what I do, “work”. Expressing myself creatively and getting to work with a variety of great people is what I call success!
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