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Hall of Fantasy
Hall of Fantasy Hall of Fantasy

During the golden age of radio, Robert Olson wrote The Hall of Fantasy and adapted several suspense thrillers as well as a popular crime and punishment series in the late 1940’s. The stories became part of the Hall of Fantasy radio anthology that ultimately enjoyed local airtime at Kall studios in Salt Lake City, Utah. These old radio shows were brought to life by skilled announcers Richard Thorne and Carl Greyson. The initial program focused mainly on murder mysteries and the inherent struggle between good vs. evil. However, the series came to an abrupt end when Thorne and Greyson went their separate ways in 1947, a year after its inception. A stroke of luck reunited the former partners at studio WGN in Chicago where they both happened to be working at in 1949. This immediately resulted in the revival of the Hall of Fantasy anthology.

This time, they veered away from the original shows’ program thrust and instead concentrated on man’s unfortunate encounters with the supernatural. 112 episodes later and despite severe budget constraints, Hall of Fantasy went nationwide on August 22, 1952 over Mutual stations. The original work and adaptations of Robert Thorne were fleshed out and continued to entertain the listening public with chilling and monstrous tales of terror. Enjoy Hall of Fantasy and experience this epic old time radio show today!

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