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Haunt-Faire is a convention created for anyone and everyone who simply loves the haunted attraction industry. As haunters we understand the love and dedication that goes into each and every haunt we choose to devote our Halloween season for. As well, we know there are many haunted attraction enthusiasts who would love to work for their local haunt(s) but have no idea what is expected or how to go about getting into the industry. To both the haunter and the " future" haunter we say... the Haunt-Faire event is for you! join us for a weekend event that will act as a job fair for the haunted attraction industry as well as a convention. Haunt-Faire will include workshops & panels to discuss several aspects within the industry. there will be demos, live performances, film screenings, vendors, and several local haunted attractions, both professional & home haunts, who will also be offering auditions at scheduled times during the event. join us as we celebrate the coming Halloween season and learn the "behind the scenes" of what makes a haunted attraction tick. we welcome those interested in volunteering their participation with a panel, workshop, demo, or joining as a vendor etc to please visit the website for all submission forms. Haunt-Faire is an event for everyone who loves Halloween and haunted houses.

Photograph by Nicolai Patrick Photography.

August 1-2, 2015 / $10-20 Get Tickets
UPSKY Long Island Hotel / Hauppauge, NY View Map

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