Haunted Amusement Park Walking Tours

Haunted Amusement Park Walking Tours

The silhouette of long-forgotten Ferris wheel stands against the bony branches of bare trees. Beside it, the looming structure of a tier, arms reaching out into the open field, deteriorated wooden swings dangling from each pole. There is no wind, but the chains rattle lightly as one of the seats creaks calmly, smoothly back and forth...

According to local lore, that's one of many ghostly spirits still at play in the abandoned, haunted Lake Shawnee Amusement Park near Princeton, WV.

But so the tale goes. The area has been explored by many paranormal investigators, and featured on television shows like Discovery Channel's "GhostLab," Travel Channel's "The Most Terrifying Places in America," and ABC Family's "The Ten Most Curious Places in the World."

Want to see these hauntings for yourself? You can take haunted tours of the site, and maybe you'll get a glimpse of an apparition watching from the ferris wheel. (Photo by Dean Jeffrey) www.visitwv.com/vacation/lake-shawnee-amusement-park

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