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Henning Ludvigsen
Henning Ludvigsen Henning Ludvigsen

In 2003 an ongoing personal project offered the opportunity for a career change and thus Henning moved to Athens, Greece where he was working as Art Director/partner of computer game developer, Aventurine S.A. developing the MMORPG called Darkfall Online. He has won several art awards and has participated in a large number of published art books. He still takes on many side-projects, often working with big names such as Fantasy Flight Games, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Warhammer 40K (Games Workshop), Lord of The Rings, Burton Snowboards, Eidos, and ImagineFX magazine (Future Publishing), among many others.

He moved back to Norway summer 2011 together with his Swiss girlfriend, Natascha, where he’s now working as the Art Director/Partner of Rock Pocket Games in Tønsberg were they are developing mobile games and also games for console/PC/Mac, and having a blast doing it!

After returning to Norway, Henning also founded Badger Punch Ltd, a company that focuses on digital art creation, board and card game asset creation, and developing small computer games just for fun. See below for some references to companies and products he’s been involved with.

Vampire Angel

Henning Ludvigsen - Vampire Angel

Blue Flame

Henning Ludvigsen - Blue Flame


Henning Ludvigsen - Summon

Angel Wrap

Henning Ludvigsen - Angel Wrap

Fly with Me

Henning Ludvigsen - Fly with Me

Crucified Vampire

Henning Ludvigsen - Crucified Vampire

Bat Frame

Henning Ludvigsen - Bat Frame

Angel Statue

Henning Ludvigsen - Angel Statue

Vampire Angel

Henning Ludvigsen - Vampire Angel

Call of Cthulhu – Field Researcher

Henning Ludvigsen - Call of Cthulhu: Field Researcher

Skull Angel

Henning Ludvigsen - Skull Angel

Goth Angel

Henning Ludvigsen - Goth Angel


Henning Ludvigsen - Vampire


Henning Ludvigsen - Goh’Cephal

Counter Clockwise

Henning Ludvigsen - Counter Clockwise


Henning Ludvigsen - Joker

Call of Cthulhu: Zoe the Innsmouth Cook

Henning Ludvigsen - Call of Cthulhu: Zoe the Innsmouth Cook

Angel Statue Front

Henning Ludvigsen - Angel Statue Front www.henningludvigsen.com
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