House of Frankenstein

House of Frankenstein

Foolish mortals beware: In Niagara, there’s only one thing as monstrous as the Falls – and it's alive in the House of Frankenstein!

In 1895, Nikola Tesla was about to unveil the world’s first hydroelectricity plant at Niagara Falls. He would harness the energy of this natural wonder of the world and power the Eastern seaboard. Invitations for the ribbon cutting ceremony were sent to his colleagues around the globe – including Victor Frankenstein, a scientist driven mad by living in the shadow of his rival Tesla throughout his career.

Dr. Frankenstein knew it was time to reclaim the spotlight. So he stowed his own creation - a monster born to electricity - below the ship’s deck on his voyage from Europe. His plan was to unleash the Frankenstein monster to destroy Tesla's work with the world watching. But the doctor was apprehended at the border and rather than gaining revenge, he and his monster were exiled below the raging waters of the falls for eternity.

Over the century that followed, Americans and Canadians sent the most evil ghouls and villains to join them – the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Jekyl and Hyde, and even Dracula himself. But a blackout in 1984 shut off the power to their prison gates and all of the monsters escaped to an abandoned railway station atop Clifton Hill.

The doctor has since redecorated the place, but the monsters remain trapped in the House of Frankenstein today. Only the bravest are invited to climb the 13 slanted steps into these haunted tombs.

Dare to laugh at the demonic Jack-in-the-box? Care to take your chances with our guillotine? Fearless enough to flirt with the bride of Frankenstein?

Beware - only those as twisted as the creatures inside the House of Frankenstein have lived to tell their own tales!

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