John Coulthart

John Coulthart
John Coulthart John Coulthart

John Coulthart's first public illustration work was for the Hawkwind album Church of Hawkwind in 1982. Since then his designs and illustrations have appeared on vinyl sleeves, CD and DVD packages for artists including Jon Hassell, Steven Severin, Cradle of Filth, Melechesh and many others. As a comic artist John produced the Lord Horror series ‘Reverbstorm’ with David Britton for Savoy Books, and received the dubious accolade of having an earlier Savoy title, ‘Hard Core Horror’ 5, declared obscene in a British court of law. His collection of HP Lovecraft adaptations and illustrations, The Haunter of the Dark and Other Grotesque Visions, was published in a definitive edition in 2006 by Creation Oneiros, and features ‘The Great Old Ones’, an exclusive collaboration with Alan Moore.
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