Kniffen Hollow

Kniffen Hollow
Kniffen Hollow Kniffen Hollow

Many people ask me about the name Kniffen Hollow, it is the name of a road in the town I was born, most likely after the family who settled there long ago. The road is very old, lined with twisted ancient trees that lead to the Hollow. It’s a quiet, peaceful place steeped in history with just the right touch of spookiness. Which is also the best way to describe my art. Many of my character dolls are based on true stories, myths and legends. I'm also inspired by classic literature and by those who weave tales of carnivorous carnivals and haunted graveyards, footsteps on stairs and scratchings on doors, howlings and shriekings, groanings and creakings and clanking of chains, of hooded monks and headless horsemen, swirling mists and shrouded spectres, monsters under beds or under the stairs, vampires and zombies, bats and spiders and deathwatch beetles, of vanished corpses and mummies curses. Any of which can spark an idea at any moment. Many hours of thought and hand stitching goes into each character I create. In fact every part of the doll is hand-stitched. I like to use old and new fabrics, especially anything that is unique, or quirky, or a little bit spooky. My characters are all one-of-a-kind, once I've created them, that inspired energy is spent and I have to move on to something new.
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