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Terrible beauty inspires me. I see it in cultural myths, nature and her cycles, folk art, love, loss, and finding fairness in an unfair world. I could list the sea of creatives that I look to daily, but storytellers like Hayao Miyazaki, Yoshitaka Amano, Mœbius, and José Guadalupe Posada especially inspire my highest of aspirations.

Día De Los Muertos has offered me and those I love comfort as I grew up, and continue to grow. Birth, death, and rebirth are all fascinating concepts, and the the art of the sugar skull is a powerful visual that helps me express my joy of life and respect of finality.

These Muertitas represent characters in a yet unpublished story. One day their full story will be revealed. Until then, I introduce these Muertitas as nature spirits. Some are the daughters of Autumn who portray the spectrum of the harvest. They wake into the world of the living, waiting for a home where they can rest and impart their wisdom. They are made of clay, wood, styrofoam, stainless steel wire, epoxy, paper maché, synthetic and silk flowers, freeze-dried leaves and plants, acrylic paint, and acrylic sealants. The small ones, I call Muerti-titas, begin with a solid resin cast, then painted with acrylic, sealed, and adorned with synthetic, silk, and dried flowers.
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