MadeULook by Lex

MadeULook by Lex
MadeULook by Lex MadeULook by Lex

MadeULook first began with a simple Facebook page and YouTube channel (madeyewlook) back in September of 2011 when I was 19 years old. Throughout my life, I have always been an artist, and have always drawn. It actually wasn’t until I realized that makeup could be used for more than just the basic mascara application that I became interested in it. I quickly learned that it was used for movies and also to make monsters. I loved the creative aspect of it. As I grew older, I also began to love that makeup could be used to make people feel beautiful. Although many use it to fit in to societies perception of beauty, there are many people out there who also suffer from scarring, bruising, or discoloration that they hide using makeup. Makeup can be used to restore injuries, or tragic events that happened. It helps heal the mind, as well as make someone feel beautiful (or scary) inside and out.

After gaining an incredible amount of supporters from around the world, and further falling in love with my passion of makeup and helping others, the MadeULook business was established when I was 20 years old. Through all of my endeavors, my main goal is to provide the best quality of makeup related products to give others the confidence to express themselves on a living, breathing, canvas. Months and months have gone by on research, and testing out each makeup brush for quality, and if they can all be put to use. Each set of brushes contains your brush essentials, leaving you without wondering what each one should be for, or carrying around ones that you do not need.
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