Martin Canale

Martin Canale
Martin Canale Martin Canale

I´ve been a self-taught modeler since 21. I started with drawings, copying from comic magazines such as Fierro, Zona 84, etc. I have always loved character designs. I based my creations in Chichoni, Altuna, Segrelles, Moebius, Gimenez and Bilal´s works, among many others.

When I reached to a point where drawings had limitation to what I had in mind, I started sculpting. The first series of 8 figures was sold in a comic book store called Entelequia, in 1990/1991. These early figures, with a help of my friend Gustavo Melella, lead me to a gig in FX.

I started working by myself, modeling comic figures. Soon after, I started working as a freelancer for a toy company (Joc S.A.), Disney and Warner Brothers.

Nowadays, although I sculpt collectible figures, I try to make my own versions of comic classics. Art
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