Mask Fest 2013


Mask-Fest is a convention that celebrates the artistry of mask, make-up, monsters, and Halloween! At Mask-Fest you'll witness aisle upon aisle of independent artists selling and displaying collectible masks, props, models, and every other sort of monstrous goody you can imagine. At Mask-Fest you'll be able to meet some of today's, top Hollywood make-up effects artists! At Mask-Fest you'll be able to attend panels, art demos and other ghoulish events that'll have your head spinning! At Mask-Fest you'll enjoy a museum dedicated to the art of masks, monsters, and make-up! Will you be able to handle seeing your favorite movie monsters, EYE TO EYE?!

September 6-8, 2013 / $20 Get Tickets
Indianapolis Marriott East / Indianapolis, Indiana View Map
In: Conventions, Masks
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