Matteo Arfanotti

Matteo Arfanotti
Matteo Arfanotti Matteo Arfanotti

The love for art in all its forms has led him to choose a course of study that would let him know and experience personally and in different areas, without being influenced academic (he is a self-taught artist).

From drawing to painting, from installations to set designs and bodypainting, these are the challenges that Arfanotti accepted and that allowed him to gain an awareness and knowledge of art through a path of growth and individualization finding his own language, common to his entire artistic production.

The passion, the technique and the constant desire to experiment have led in recent years to be implemented (in collaboration with his wife Francesca Calamita, landscape architect) in temporary gardens for events and competitions (achieving second place in the International Competition for home gardens to Euroflora – Genova - 2011) and finally to approach the world of body painting, where he has become Italian Champion in 2012 and subsequently he hold workshops on this discipline required throughout Europe.
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