Matthew Roby

Matthew Roby
Matthew Roby Matthew Roby

Matt Roby is a designer, illustrator and sculptor who creates strange and wonderful characters, stories and films.

Experienced in all aspects of character and narrative themed projects. Producing design concepts and artwork within various media, including picture books, designer art toys, film/animation and advertising. Specialist areas include:

  • Art Direction / Creative consultant
  • Character design /concepts/ model making
  • Story writing / Storyboarding/ animation
  • Production and set design
  • Book Illustration

Matt is a professional sculptor who has exhibited artwork in numerous galleries. His unique and highly collectable characters are created as one offs or in limited editions, and vary in size from 30cm to over 6 meters. The collection of characters are usually accompanied with original drawings, paintings and limited edition prints. With visual influences drawn from pop culture, literature, animals and human behaviour. The sculptures are created in various materials, including cast resin/metal, mixed metals and recycled objects.

Matt’s sculptures have also been specially commissioned for various public spaces. Giant typewriting millipedes, crazy scientists and purple pussycats are just a few of his creations to be sited in parks, schools, museums, libraries and business foyer’s.
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