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Miles Teves

Miles Teves is a Hollywood artist and conceptual designer, specializing in character design and make-up effects, who works on television, films and video games. Some of his credits include Explorers, RoboCop, The Witches of Eastwick, Total Recall, Batman & Robin, Hollow Man, Spider-Man, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Reign of Fire, Van Helsing, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and Chronicles of Riddick.

Zombie Pirate Black Ceaser

Miles Teves - Zombie Pirate Black Ceaser


Miles Teves - Vampenthropes


Miles Teves - Medusa


Miles Teves - Nocturna

Vampire Feast of Cruelty

Miles Teves - Vampire Feast of Cruelty

Mermaid Underwater

Miles Teves - Mermaid Underwater

Dark Queen

Miles Teves - Dark Queen

Vampire Royalty

Miles Teves - Vampire Royalty

Vampire Nobility

Miles Teves - Vampire Nobility

Vampire Staked

Miles Teves - Vampire Staked

Zombie Pirate F Troop

Miles Teves - Zombie Pirate F Troop

Zombie Pirate - M'Dongo

Miles Teves - Zombie Pirate - M'Dongo

Werewolf and Victim

Miles Teves - Werewolf and Victim


Miles Teves - Chernabog

Jackson Stretch

Miles Teves - Jackson Stretch

Hyde Montage

Miles Teves - Hyde Montage

Dying Vampire

Miles Teves - Dying Vampire

Forrest Attack

Miles Teves - Forrest Attack

Darkness Finished

Miles Teves - Darkness Finished

John Carter on Mars, Thark Bust

Miles Teves - John Carter on Mars, Thark Bust

Victorian Pets

Miles Teves - Victorian Pets

Background Ogre

Miles Teves - Background Ogre

Meg Sketch

Miles Teves - Meg Sketch

Hogsqueal Prototype

Miles Teves - Hogsqueal Prototype

Toad Goblin

Miles Teves - Toad Goblin


Miles Teves - Frankenstein
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