Miss Monster

Miss Monster
Miss Monster Miss Monster

The Art of Melita Curphy.

Recently, my work has focused more on creating original handmade dolls though my first doll was created back in 2002. I have explored all sorts of art mediums and avenues over the last 11 years, all of those skills have culminated into my doll work. My work has moved more towards high end original pieces with individual stories and personalities and i feel that doll making has pushed my art skill more than ever. So many disciplines go into making a doll: sewing, pattern drafting, sculpting, cast/molds, painting, anatomy, fiber arts, model making and more. They are the most satisfying thing to make and i hope they bring great joy to their new owners.

I also create masks made in small, very limited numbers. They are available through my shop during pre-orders or small batch releases. If you would like to know when a new mask is due for a release please follow my tumblr/twitter or follow me on facebook ( links are below) Please be sure to read my shop’s policy page if you have any questions about ordering.

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