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Monster Asylum
Monster Asylum Monster Asylum

Monster Asylum is owned and operated by Jon Fuller, a freelance creature and character designer. He specializes in bringing fantastical designs to life through sculpture.

Monster Asylum’s goal is to produce the highest quality products for our clients through the art of sculpture and design. Monster Asylum was established in 2006, with a vision of providing high quality work for many different clients. Ranging from top Halloween companies, FX shops, Gaming Companies and Collectors. A true monster maker at heart, Jon's work has propelled him into a world of ghoulish delight. Trained as a Sculptor, Painter and Conceptual Designer all is reflected in his distinct style of work. Jon's talent has been recognized and depicted in film, television, and haunted events. These opportunities have fueled Jon's flair for the horror and fantasy side of "make believe".
In: Masks, Sculpture
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