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Neill Art Studios
Neill Art Studios Neill Art Studios

Neill Art Studios is a full creative art studio that specializes in creating preposterously outrageous pumpkin carvings in the Fall. We provide amazing one- of- a- kind carved pumpkins for people, events and parties! We are available for demonstrations, classes, and guarantee to put on a great carving show.

We pick the best pumpkins from our local Southern California crops to make sure they will be the freshest when we carve them for you. After we finish carving them, they are treated with a mild bleach preservative to keep them from perishing early. Keep your pumpkins for two weeks or longer by keeping in a cool place and spray them with a mild solution of bleach water to keep them hydrated daily.

Besides the work of Neill Art Studios incredible pumpkin carvings during the fall, we have clients in the film, TV, Themed Entertainment, Craft and Toy Industries. Creating both illustrations & sculptures on a regular basis. For us, keeping busy with fun work is what it is all about.
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