New Jersey Zombie Walk

New Jersey Zombie Walk
New Jersey Zombie Walk New Jersey Zombie Walk

Rise up from the grave with thousands of zombies to wreck havoc on the city of the living. Shamble around town for an incredible line-up of make-up artists, vendors, performances, after-parties, dinner and drink specials all day long and all night long! FREE to the public, open to all ages and for one day only!

A Zombie Walk is an organized gathering of people who dress up in zombie costumes and then converge quickly in a public area for surprise and fun. Walks usually in urban areas such as shopping malls or town squares. Participants arrive at a pre-determined time (often at a hidden location) and then emerge as a group to creep in a somewhat orderly fashion through shocked and amused crowds, towards a final destination (usually a cemetery, club, bar or after party).

During the Walk, all participants are encouraged to remain in character as zombies, lurching, shambling, dragging limbs and communicating only in a zombie-like manner (such as grunting, groaning, moaning and slurred calls for “brains”.) Zombie Walks are always free events. With the exception of Zombie Pub Crawls, most walks are family-friendly, so participants of all ages are welcome to join in the fun.

October 4, 2104 / Free
Asbury Park Boardwalk / Asbury Park, NJ View Map
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