Nightmare – Artie Shaw

Nightmare - Artie Shaw

The haunting and morose "Nightmare" by Artie Shaw with artwork by Jérémie Fleury.

Artie Shaw's "Theme" song, the haunting, morose "Nightmare", with its Hasidic nuances, rather than use a more "accessible" song. It was as if Shaw was saying in musical terms that he and his band weren't inviting anyone to dance a la Goodman's "Let's Dance" nor were they getting sentimental over anything, a la Tommy Dorsey's "I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You". Whatever it was or whether or not there was any deeper meaning to it, Nightmare was a profoundly unique choice for a theme song especially in the face of what virtually every other swing band leader was doing; yet perhaps it did illustrate the deeper search for the meaning of anything in the mind of its intellectually driven composer. ~Wikipedia

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