Obnoxious Antiques

Obnoxious Antiques
Here at Obnoxious Antiques, we specialize in a variety of unique antiques, everything from vintage advertising and penny arcade machines to military and barber shop items. The more unique and odd, the better! Whether you are looking to expand your collection, start your collection, or simply add some outrageous flavor to your collection, we can help. With one of the most extensive arrays of antiques online, our inventory houses something for everyone. Our selection is constantly changing and growing in order to please the novice or advanced collector, as well as an investor or casual admirer of off-the-wall pieces. As well as selling these items, we are also available for buying singular items or an entire estate. We also rent our pieces as props for TV commercials, Broadway plays, movies and themed events. www.obnoxiousantiques.com
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