Rebecca Cobbing Couture

Rebecca Cobbing

Since its launch Rebecca Cobbing Couture has been splashed all over national newspapers and magazines, as well as gaining an international online cult following. As one of Australia’s leading Avant-Garde Couturier's Rebecca Cobbing Couture has established an elite clientele from all around Australia. Located half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, QLD, she specializes in alternative Bridal, Formal Wear and Corsetry.

All garments are one off couture pieces, designed solely for the client, their needs, body type and their occasion. Designs are never reproduced or on sold to other clients. To do so would detract from the emotion and thought put in by the Rebecca Cobbing Couture creative team, as well as the attachment and exclusivity held by the owner. Every individual design is its own artistic installment where the client is the muse.
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