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Scott Jackson Studio
Scott Jackson Studio Scott Jackson Studio

Definitely a renaissance man with a penchant for hard rock music and the macabre. Best known for his cover work, most notably the contraversial "Rock 'n' Roll Comics" series, where during a 5 year run, illustrated more than 150 covers for the California based company. Studying art at the University of Wisconsin Parkside, moonlighting as a freelance artist to rock bands and clubs, had already been commissioned for album covers by GWAR producer Ron Goudi and MONTROSE founder Ronnie Montrose. Moving to the west coast, Jackson began specializing in cover art, logos, T-shirt & poster design along with customizing guitars, drumheads, motorcycles & painted backdrops. 20 plus years later, Mr. Jackson has created a multitude of artwork for magazines, comics, books, posters, CD's, DVD’s, games & T-shirts. His art has been featured by Kiss, Megadeth, Pink Floyd, The Electric Hellfire Club and many others. Scott operates his haunted art studio in Chicago, Illinois. Founder of Chicago's annual Heavy Metal conference “Metal Mergence” and ”The Annual Halloween Art Exhibit” hosting over 65 artists nationwide.
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