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Born, Hatched Or Conjured?

No one knows for sure, but we do know founder Brian Dooley's passion for monsters, dinosaurs and all creatures that “bump in the night” started at a very young age. “I believe my first monster encounter was watching Creature From The Black Lagoon at age 3... That changed my life” says Dooley. Ever since that day he has been sculpting and drawing monsters, becoming heavily influenced by the artwork of Bernie Wrightson and William Stout.

A New Jersey native, he began his journey at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pa. in the Industrial Arts. After graduating he pursued his dreams to work for the special effects industry and headed West. Brian has been sculpting for the film and toy industry since 1996. A strong dedication to the craft and fine tuned attention to detail and creative problem solving have fueled his success. Working with film industry effects companies including Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and the Character Shop, as well as the toy benchmark Sideshow Collectibles, have allowed Brian to perfect his craft and start moving his vision of the industry standard to the next level.

Shrunken Head Studios was conceived in 2007 with the goal of being the best Horror / Sci-Fi Toy Company in the industry. Our mission is to present the collectors highly detailed quality products that they will enjoy for years to come. Brian states, “I myself, being a collector and fan, wanted to produce collectibles I felt hadn’t been done. I wanted to make something fun the other fans and collectors would enjoy. Sick minds think alike... and there’s a lot of us out there!”
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