Sir Cedric’s Good Heads

Sir Cedric's Good Heads
Sir Cedric's Good Heads Sir Cedric's Good Heads

Heads of wizards. witches, jesters, fairies, cavaliers, clowns, Shakespearean Characters and Dickensian gentlefolks painstakingly painted, wigged, hatted and garbed... these highly collectible descendants of the medieval entity known as the jester stick are "Sir Cedric's Good Heads" created by Lynda M. Jasper-Vogel in her Marin County, California workshop from 1980 to 1990.

The jester stick, bauble, or fools head originated in the Middle Ages as a large phallus on a long stick with which fools and entertainers would hit each other during comedic sketches. When comedy became more sophisticated so did the jester stick. It evolved to the likeness of the jester and was used in the same way the a ventriloquist would use a dummy. Members of fashionable society would often have one made in their own likeness to be carried during important festivals.
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