The Film Cell

The Film Cell
The Film Cell The Film Cell
The Film Cell specialize in film merchandise, & movie costume ideas. We have a huge range of movie replicas and fancy dress party costumes from sexy costumes for hen night parties to pirate costume ideas for adults.
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Dark Creations ATX

Dark Creations ATX
Dark Creations ATX Dark Creations ATX

The finest in custom character Halloween costumes and horror-wear. Dark Creations ATX offers you the chance to dress as that favorite serial killer or villain by creating some of the most detailed custom costumes available today.

Whatever your particular reasons may be for dressing up as your favorite horror character this is simply a fun way for us "happy folks to be unhappy for a while"... even if it is only for an hour and a half or so.
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Lady Lucie

Lady Lucie
Lady Lucie Lady Lucie

Lady Lucie creates beautiful, immaculate latex fashion. From clothing and lingerie to corsets and costumes, Lady Lucie specialises in elegant, glamorous and fun pieces that make the wearer look and feel beautiful.

Launched in 2006, Lady Lucie Latex challenged the tired silhouettes and unimaginative styles of classic fetish fashions with modern designs and high-quality creations. As a trained pattern cutter with a degree in fashion and textiles, Lady Lucie brings the principles of haute couture to fetish high fashion.

As a true ‘Glamazonian’, Lady Lucie knows all too well how frustrating it can be when clothes don’t fit exactly as they should. As a result she is a perfectionist when creating her designs and every item is made by herself and her assistant Claire to ensure impeccable quality.

Lady Lucie’s designs are exclusive and not sold by anyone else. Each item is handmade in the UK to the highest standard - meticulously constructed using the finest quality latex.
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Acid PopTart

Acid PopTart
Acid PopTart Acid PopTart

Guts. Glory. Glam. Comic book heroine of epic proportions from technicolour pages to punch you in the face. When I'm not flying around in spandex though I write, act and model.
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Yumdrop Yumdrop

Naughty when you want to be.

Yumdrop is a flirty, fun lingerie brand for the part time naughty girl. Our attitude is "be naughty when you wanna be..." because lingerie should be beautiful and empowering. Check out to shop our entire collection of sexy lingerie, sexy costumes, swimwear, clubwear, sexy bras, sexy swimsuits, corsets, babydolls and more! With all of the great sexy products we have to offer you, you're sure to find that perfect piece of sexy lingerie just for you!
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Meg Murrderher (22 Images)

Meg Murrderher
Meg Murrderher Meg Murrderher

Blogger. Costumer. Crafter. Opinionated Horror Fan (to say the least).

In real life I wear a suit to work. In my weekend life I gleefully indulge in my hobbies which include family time, horror, crafting, comics, gaming, costuming and conventions. I also do a lot of charity work with kids utilizing my costumes. I don't model professionally. I'm not a cosplay super star. I'm just a chick who enjoys her free time and I rarely take anything seriously. I love star trek, sci-fi, and most of all horror movies. Bruce Campbell? My personal demi-god. I blog about horror. I sew costumes, I wear costumes. Make believe is 1/4 of my soul. I'm a horrible poet - excellent movie quoter, everyone's Rosetta stone, and will own you all in a came of MTG.

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Top 20 Halloween Bike Costumes

Top 20 Halloween Bike Costumes
Top 20 Halloween Bike Costumes Top 20 Halloween Bike Costumes

Boo! Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone is already getting their popcorn and costumes ready. If you haven’t started yet, you definitely should before it’s too late!

As a cycling enthusiast, there are some pretty innovative costumes out there for you. You won’t have to give up the bike for this Halloween, that’s for sure. Some of the costumes below are absolutely gorgeous, and others could be improved on to match your style – and your bike.

So make sure that you make a spooky impression riding around on your titanium steed. There are going to be plenty of opportunities to do some good old fashioned rabble-rousing on the streets that night. Pray for a full moon to add to the scare factor this Halloween.
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