Dorian Cleavenger (30 Images)

Dorian Cleavenger
Dorian Cleavenger Dorian Cleavenger

Dorian’s unique approach to art has arrived at an opportune time when there appears to exist a generational void clamoring to be filled and with the popularity of the internet there exists a compatible medium for dissemination of his art. It seems today’s youth are less avid followers of the greats who established Fantasy Art as a popular movement some years ago, but in Dorian’s work find instead a different perspective and a refreshing new light in that area... perhaps an aspect that is a bit beyond fantasy. When asked to describe his art, he coined a term that best describes it as Pseudo-Realism.

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Callie Cosplay (29 Images)

Callie Cosplay
Callie Cosplay Callie Cosplay

On a day-to-day basis, I strive to improve what I do, how I do it, and with increasing experience. My goal is to make people smile – to entertain people and make a difference. By doing this, I aspire to bring each and every character to life. Know the character, love them... BECOME THEM! Not some fake, drastic rendition of what they stand for…but who they are, really. My dream is to make these amazing creations of great minds come to life.

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