Midnight Mistress Vampire Wall Sculpture

Midnight Mistress Vampire Wall Sculpture
Midnight Mistress Vampire Wall Sculpture Midnight Mistress Vampire Wall Sculpture

Hung from your wall or garden gate, this lithe vampire’s beauty belies her dark power. Artist Gary Chang gave his shapely Gothic temptress flaming red tresses, a modest drape of black satin and powerful wings ready to take to the skies. Our intricately sculpted, quality designer resin collectible is finely hand-painted one piece at a time exclusively for Toscano in home or garden gallery.

$20 @ Design Toscano
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Henning Ludvigsen (18 Images)

Henning Ludvigsen
Henning Ludvigsen Henning Ludvigsen

In 2003 an ongoing personal project offered the opportunity for a career change and thus Henning moved to Athens, Greece where he was working as Art Director/partner of computer game developer, Aventurine S.A. developing the MMORPG called Darkfall Online. He has won several art awards and has participated in a large number of published art books. He still takes on many side-projects, often working with big names such as Fantasy Flight Games, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Warhammer 40K (Games Workshop), Lord of The Rings, Burton Snowboards, Eidos, and ImagineFX magazine (Future Publishing), among many others.

He moved back to Norway summer 2011 together with his Swiss girlfriend, Natascha, where he’s now working as the Art Director/Partner of Rock Pocket Games in Tønsberg were they are developing mobile games and also games for console/PC/Mac, and having a blast doing it!

After returning to Norway, Henning also founded Badger Punch Ltd, a company that focuses on digital art creation, board and card game asset creation, and developing small computer games just for fun. See below for some references to companies and products he’s been involved with.

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Fetal Werewolf & Nosferatu Skulls

Fetal Werewolf & Nosferatu Skulls
Fetal Werewolf & Nosferatu Skulls Fetal Werewolf & Nosferatu Skulls

The Werewolf skull bears the clear signs of Lycanthropy, melding human and wolf anatomy. The Nosferatu skull possesses both human and bat characteristics invoking vampires and gothic horrors. These monstrous specimens are well suited for scientific display in a curiosity cabinet or part of any gothic decor.

Each measures 7" tall with the base, and 4.5" front to back. Skull is cast in resin and hand painted, mounted on a wooden rod into a painted resin base.

Nosferatu Fetal Skull Display Werewolf Fetal Skull Display
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Vampire Kingdom

Vampire Kingdom
Vampire Kingdom Vampire Kingdom

I love vampires, and I have a special perception of them, they are beautiful, innocently cruel, so close to all of us, imperceptibles, present, without suffering, they are what they are, they are not covered under any appearance, they are far from good and evil, they are its very nature. My gallery and my art is a tribute to them

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