Tales From the Crypt Intro Animated in 3D

Tales From the Crypt Animation
Tales From the Crypt Animation Tales From the Crypt Animation

This is fan art 3D animation of the famous television series Tales from the Crypt created by Adel Benabdallah and Peinoit Damien. FX help from Omar Meradi and Toufik Mekbel.

In this respectful homage to the Tales from the Crypt TV show, we added a modernized direction while staying true to the original creator's vision by recreating the introduction sequence completely in CG to show their passion for the TV show and digital art.

The Team
Peinoit Damien - Director / Producer / CG Artist
Adel Benabdallah - Director / Producer / CG Artist
Toufik Mekbel - FX Artist
Omar Meradi - Fx Artist

All credits goes to the original respective owners. Original score by Danny Elfman.

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