The Dark Mark Show

The Dark Mark Show
The Dark Mark Show The Dark Mark Show

Dark Mark is a multi-talented performer who is known as "The Extreme Being!!!" as well as the Goth Comedian.

In a world where stand up comedians increasingly look and sound the same, here is a performer who dares to wear goth makeup and dress in all black, with fishnets and nail polish and get huge laughs with all kinds of crowds. Black crowds, Latin crowds, gay crowds, young and old have all laughed along to Dark Mark's comedy and performances...

He has performed at The Convergence 18 Goth Festival, The San Luis Obisbo Goth Festival, The Dead Flesh Feast Horror Festival, The Sunset Strip Music Festival (also featuring Marilyn Manson, Offspring, Bad Religion and De La Soul) as well as Kinky shows at S&M Dungeons and has been featured on Andy Dick Live !, The Mancow Radio Show, National Lampoon Radio on XM, Gary Garver Live, The Blue Iris Show Talking Sex Radio and has been a 9 time LA Times Comedy pick of the week as well as being a Las Vegas Citylife pick of the week

Dark Mark has performed with the biggest names in comedy including performers such as Steven Wright, Jerry Seinfeld, Margaret Cho, Dane Cook, Andrew "Dice" Clay, Damon Wayans, Otto and George, Eddie Griffin, Jeff Ross, Maria Bamford, and George Lopez among others.
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