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The Gurch
The Gurch The Gurch

Here there be all manner of art - some good, some bad and a few slightly mouldy. Unless you want to be bitten, drooled upon or happy slapped... please, please tread carefully and remember to carry a big stick at all times!

Vampire's Lunch

The Gurch - Vampire's Lunch

Creature of Frankenstein

The Gurch - Creature of Frankenstein

Over My Dead Body

The Gurch - Over My Dead Body

Zombie Sarge

The Gurch - Zombie Sarge

Zombie Zombie Zombie

The Gurch - Zombie Zombie Zombie

Gorax the Goat Eyed

The Gurch - Gorax the Goat Eyed

Grave Ghost Ghoul

The Gurch - Grave Ghost Ghoul

Bad Wolf

The Gurch - Bad Wolf

Snake Charmer My Arse

The Gurch - Snake Charmer My Arse

Where Wolf? There Wolf!

The Gurch - Where Wolf? There Wolf!

Sewer Zombie

The Gurch - Sewer Zombie

Werewolf Thief

The Gurch - Werewolf Thief

Mad Axeman

The Gurch - Mad Axeman

Skulls and Snake Sundae

The Gurch - Skulls and Snake Sundae

Leatherface in Killing Mode

The Gurch - Leatherface in Killing Mode

London Before Midnight

The Gurch - London Before Midnight

King Kong Fore-Arm Smash

The Gurch - King Kong Fore-Arm Smash

Crazy Ralph

The Gurch - Crazy Ralph

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Gurch - Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Head Pain Demon

The Gurch - Head Pain Demon

Art Monster

The Gurch - Art Monster


The Gurch - Andyphant

The Gurch's Sketch Pads' Fall Out

The Gurch - The Gurch - The Gurch's Sketch Pads' Fall Out

Werewolf / Pig Thing

The Gurch - Werewolf / Pig Thing

They Came From The Skies

The Gurch - They Came From The Skies

Gore Shriek

The Gurch - Gore Shriek

The Thing is...

The Gurch - The Thing is...

Hallowscream 5

The Gurch - Hallowscream 5

B. Karloff

The Gurch - HB. Karloff
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