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Travis Falligant
Travis Falligant Travis Falligant

I’ve always liked to escape real life. At an early age, my imagination would sometimes get the best of me. The way I wrangled all the ideas and energy swirling around in my head was to put crayon to paper. I wasn’t a little monster or anything, far from it actually. I just felt that burning desire to create and escape reality on a regular basis. Real life is boring and painful, right? Following my crayon, then pencil, then pen and now stylus into a plane of creativity has always been my safe haven.

As I grew up, I would enter little art contests here and there. My mom enrolled me in gifted art after-school classes. I continued to create, being inspired by pop culture, film, music, television. I always dreamed of living in a John Hughes film. If only my life could be filled with an awesome soundtrack and music montages! In high school, I was elected Most Artistic by my graduating class, helped out the yearbook staff by illustrating sections of the yearbook, got a couple scholarships and was accepted to the Savannah College Of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia.

In college, I soaked up the social experience more than anything. I also finally realized the agony and ecstasy of not being the only creative person in my close proximity. Agony because I wasn’t the hot stuff anymore and ecstasy because I was around similarly attuned people.

Upon graduating college with a BFA in Illustration, I set out into the world and worked at a movie theater as projectionist. Making minimum wage. I then started working at a hotel. Yep you heard it. No illustrious illustration art career right out of school. I took some time to learn about me and my capabilities in the regular world. Freelanced here and there but always sketched, always kept up my craft.

Over the next few years I started to move more and more into the freelance world and recently, I have worked as an in-house graphic artist.

One thing my journey thus far has taught me: escaping reality isn’t a necessity anymore. I enjoy reality (for the most part). I enjoy being around people and creating FOR people.
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