Webster Hell 2014

Webster Hell 2014
Webster Hell 2014 Webster Hell 2014

The night begins at the most famous Halloween parade on the planet...NYC's 40th annual Halloween Parade. Witness the Webster Hall Halloween float, mounted by a horrifying group of flesh-hungry and sexually depraved zombies, as it emanates throbbing bass and transports an epically hellish party-on-wheels through the belly of NYC.

But this is only the beginning...

Webster Hall presents the Official NYC Halloween Parade Afterparty!

Webster Hell is a once in a lifetime event. All 4 massive floors of the building transform into a twisted mausoleum filled with heart-pounding music and hair-raising spectacles. Feel the heat as sensual fire performers mesmerize the crowd. Sense the horror as flying flesh-eaters soar high over the crowd in the Grand Ballroom, hungry for blood. Experience the excitement as thousands of revelers, hidden behind masks and disguised as freakish inversions of their former selves, join together for what is hands down the biggest Halloween party in NYC every year.

Throughout the night, you will witness a series of unforgettable spectacles...

October 31, 2014 / Tickets: $40 Get Tickets
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