Xue Wang

Xue Wang

My creative impulse is driven by a fascination with childhood paraphernalia: dolls, toys, fairy tales, stage sets, fun fairs, found objects mixed with whimsy. These personal recollections are complimented by the cultural heritage of Victoriana, vintage fashion, film iconography, pin-up imagery etc. We cannot escape the past and our sweet yesterdays, whether imagined or real, are my repository. Any search for particular meaning in my idiosyncratic work may not yield much. If one word were chosen to describe my paintings, it would be ‘edgy’. Superficially they may appear ‘cute’ but my intention is to unsettle, albeit subtly. As the creeping wasp on the fairy cake does.

Dr. Monk

Xue Wang - Dr. Monk

Prime Cuts

Xue Wang - Prime Cuts


Xue Wang - Hush!


Xue Wang - Eavesdropping


Xue Wang - Vanmpyres!

A Tight Squeeze

Xue Wang - A Tight Squeeze

Bomb Shell

Xue Wang - Bomb Shell

Jack The Whipper

Xue Wang - Jack The Whipper

Bloodshed On Tiggy-Winkle Street

Xue Wang - Bloodshed On Tiggy-Winkle Street

The Old Curiosity Shop

Xue Wang - The Old Curiosity Shop

Swing and Roundabouts

Xue Wang - Swing and Roundabouts

Some Like It Hot

Xue Wang - Some Like It Hot

Womb Service

Xue Wang - Womb Service

Rude Awakenings

Xue Wang - Rude Awakenings

Intimate Thoughts

Xue Wang - Intimate Thoughts

Yes Madam

Xue Wang - Yes Madam

The Uninvited Guest

Xue Wang - The Uninvited Guest

No Jam Tomorrow

Xue Wang - No Jam Tomorrow

Under My Skin

Xue Wang - Under My Skin

I Put a Spell on You

Xue Wang - I Put a Spell on You

In the Mod's

Xue Wang - In the Mod's

On Closer Observation

Xue Wang - On Closer Observation

Candy Floss and Moonbeam

Xue Wang - Candy Floss and Moonbeam


Xue Wang - Lynchism

Bonnie and Clyde

Xue Wang - Bonnie and Clyde xuewang.weebly.com
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