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Yaya Han

Costume designer, model and cosplayer Yaya Han. Born in China and raised dually in Asia and Europe, Yaya has crossed oceans to live her dream as an artist. For the past 11 years, Yaya has been creating full costumes and fashion pieces in the United States, and what began as a passionate hobby has evolved into a loving craft and career.

Yaya invites you to explore her portfolio in it's entirety, and be sure to visit her online store of hand crafted items and more!


Yaya Han - Yakuza

Jessica Rabbit

Yaya Han - Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit

Yaya Han - Jessica Rabbit

Baroness G.I. Joe

Yaya Han - Baroness G.I. Joe

Invisible Woman

Yaya Han - Invisible Woman

Granado Espada

Yaya Han - Granado Espada

Chun Li

Yaya Han - Chun Li

Dark Elf

Yaya Han - Dark Elf


Yaya Han - Catwoman


Yaya Han - Psylocke

Darkstalkers Felicia

Yaya Han - Darkstalkers Felicia

Coquettish Dame

Yaya Han - Coquettish Dame

Pirate Sheryl Nome

Yaya Han - Pirate Sheryl Nome

Absinthe Fairy

Yaya Han - Absinthe Fairy

The Raven

Yaya Han - The Raven

Enyo Goddess of War

Yaya Han - Enyo Goddess of War

Slave Leia

Yaya Han - Slave Leia

Black Cat

Yaya Han - Black Cat


Yaya Han - Nurse

Battle Angel Annavere

Yaya Han - Battle Angel Annavere

Kimono Dangerous

Yaya Han - Kimono Dangerous

Cleopatra the Golden Queen

Yaya Han - Cleopatra the Golden Queen

Steampunk Madam

Yaya Han - Steampunk Madam

Greetings Space Explorers

Yaya Han - Greetings Space Explorers

Resident Evil

Yaya Han - Resident Evil

Carmilla Bloodlust

Yaya Han - Carmilla Bloodlust

Elegant Arrival

Yaya Han - Elegant Arrival

Wonder Woman

Yaya Han - Wonder Woman

Lady Deathstrike

Yaya Han - Lady Deathstrike

Fook Mi

Yaya Han - Fook Mi


Yaya Han - Myoubi www.yayahan.com
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