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Yayashin was born in Strasbourg in 1979 and he graduated in applied arts. Influenced by new technologies and the craze for internet, he turned towards a degree in multimedia. Yayashin became an experienced web designer, flash animator and fulfills his position as an Art Director in an agency but illustration remained his first calling. At a very young age, he was fascinated by artists like Boris, Siudmak, HR Giger, Brom and his work stays inspired with his first loves.

Strongly attached to traditional techniques, he works with oil or acrylic on canvas and sometimes revisits them in front of his screen. He also entirely creates in digital. Now he is resuming his work as an illustrator with a lot of fervor for book covers, publications, etc.

Queen of Vampire

Yayashin - Queen of Vampire

Queen of Vampire 2

Yayashin - Queen of Vampire 2


Yayashin - Succube

Succube 2

Yayashin - Succube 2

The Four Horsemen

Yayashin - The Four Horsemen

Lady Satan

Yayashin - Lady Satan

Lady Satan 2

Yayashin - Lady Satan 2


Yayashin - Onirim


Yayashin - Andhema


Yayashin - Nightmare


Yayashin - Vampire


Yayashin - Kiss


Yayashin - Kigal


Yayashin - Guardian

Guardian 2

Yayashin - Guardian 2

Goddess of Destiny

Yayashin - Goddess of Destiny


Yayashin - Chimera.01


Yayashin - Chimera.03

Apocalypse: Chloros

Yayashin - Apocalypse: Chloros

Black Widow

Yayashin - Black Widow


Yayashin - Kigal www.yayashin.com
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